Non existent ThermaxB 5mm product

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Non existent ThermaxB 5mm product

Postby ArchPrime » Fri Nov 25, 2016 11:33 am

Hi, in attempting to work out wall R values for a strapped and lined precast wall in a large multi-unit residential development, I had selected a solution based on the 5mm thermax B thermal break option with the strapping that is included in the drop down list.
I modelled and dimensioned wall setouts throughout the project on that basis. Unfortunately, I am now told there is no such product, and the minimum is 10mm (according to the NZ importer).

All our drawings and H1 calcs are thus apparently wrong. This is a bit of a blow, as we are due to lodge for consent today.
Can you please confirm where the 5mm thermax option came from? It would certainly solve a problem if we can demonstrate the product really does exist!
I looked also at substituting 5mm PVC thermal break, which gives same R-Value - but again this appears to be a non-existant product in NZ
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Re: Non existent ThermaxB 5mm product

Postby Albrecht Stoecklein » Sun Nov 27, 2016 1:12 pm

Hi ArchPrime,

Very sorry that you were misled by that. As mentioned in my separate e-mail to you the Thermax-B 5mm product came from some literature from the steel frame building association from some years ago. But it seems that according to your experience it is now not supplied anymore in NZ.

I have therefore just removed the 5mm option from the DesNav calculator.

PS: Really glad that you could source some old stock of another suitable product.

Sunny regards

Albrecht Stoecklein
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